Anthony & Kristy Adler

Anthony D. Adler
President & CEO

Kristy Adler
Executive Vice President & COO

This husband and wife team has an uncanny talent for taking little ideas and turning them into large multi-million dollar organizations.

Prior to starting CRUISE and RESORT in 2004, Kristy and Anthony Adler founded Cruise Fairs Of America, growing it into one of the world’s largest cruise-selling operations. Travel Services International acquired the company in 1997, creating a mammoth organization with over $1 billion in sales. The west-coast division was known for its efficiency, profitability, and high-profile national and local print advertising campaigns in major magazines and newspapers.

The Adlers left Travel Services International in 1999 to form Adler International Consulting Group, specializing in consumer research for the travel/hospitality and technology industries. Several of the nation’s leading cruise lines and hotel companies signed on as clients. Specific projects included consumer and trade perception studies, profitability analysis, process development, customer service guidelines for direct and Internet contacts, and technology integration.

Kristy and Anthony Adler have served on the advisory boards of various travel and media companies including Royal Caribbean International, NCL, Holland America Line, Saveur Magazine, and Ski Magazine. The couple has championed consumer protection laws in California, and Anthony served a term as treasurer of the state’s Travel Consumer Restitution Corporation. Anthony currently serves on the marketing committee at Virtuoso, a prestigious network of luxury travel providers. He is also the co-founder and Editor-In-Chief of Elite Family Travel Magazine. The Adlers co-founded the Society of Elite Agencies, and have been featured as travel industry experts on network television, in newspapers and in magazines.



CRUISE and RESORT Inc., was born out of extensive research and years of experience. CRUISE and RESORT is one of the most respected travel organizations in the United States. Its executives have served on the advisory boards of numerous cruise lines, and have conducted research-oriented consulting for some of the world’s largest hospitality companies. CRUISE and RESORT, Inc. is known for its affinity-based travel marketing with enhanced customer service components. Separate areas of the company focus on travel for non-profit organizations, family travel and senior travel. CRUISE and RESORT is a proud member of Virtuoso, a consortium of top luxury hotels, cruise lines, tour companies and retailers. The association with Virtuoso enhances the travel opportunities and benefits available to its customers.

CRUISE and RESORT offers exclusive amenities and highly personalized service that is 180 degrees different than booking travel on the Internet or direct with hotels and cruise lines.

CRUISE and RESORT is committed to building customer and supplier relationships on a foundation of trust and integrity.

Ultimately, offering good travel deals should only be a starting point. CRUISE and RESORT goes far beyond that with its understanding that service, value and convenience are necessary components of a competitively superior purchasing experience. At the core of the company is a firm belief that Personal is Better. CRUISE and RESORT was designed for people who appreciate a higher level of service where relationships are developed, nurtured and treasured. So long as we fulfill that promise, our clients enthusiastically recommend us to their friends and families.

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