Meadowood Memories

By Penny McTaggart

Napa Valley isn’t just about wine. It’s for families, too, especially if they want to create lifelong memories. A great place to do just that is at Meadowood Resort where family gatherings are a fond tradition. Two, three and four-bedroom family lodges are located throughout the resort, allowing a luxurious, beautiful, private setting for reuniting two or three generations under one roof.

Large central living rooms with fireplaces, spacious kitchens and French doors leading to private balconies all contribute to the “one big happy family” feeling. Gather around the roaring fire to play games, share stories under twinkling stars, watch movies and get to know each other a little better. The Hillside 4-bedroom suite has 3,025 square feet so everyone can have privacy amidst the splendor.

One evening should be dedicated to a magnificent dinner at the three-star Michelin-rated Restaurant at Meadowood under the direction of Chef Christopher Kostow. If parents are interested in teaching their children the fine art of dining, this is the place.

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