Africa – Beyond The Best Hotels

By Anthony Adler

A Time for Experts

When planning trips throughout the world, our guides to the Best Hotels for Families, are valuable resources. Yet, certain destinations beg for more. Rating hotels alone for Africa just doesn’t seem sufficient. We recommend you consult with true destination experts for both the planning and flawless execution of a vacation your entire family will remember forever.

Planning Your Visit to Africa

There are so many things to consider. What parts of Africa do you want to visit? What animals do you most want to see on safari? Do you want to stay in luxury tented camps or lodges and resorts? There are limitless possibilities, but to get the most out of Africa, careful planning is essential. This is the time to talk to travel advisors who know the area well. These advisors should be able to help custom-tailor the trip with the features most important to your family. This will often include bringing in tour operators that can pull off almost anything in the bush or in cities. We often recommend Virtuoso travel advisors because they have the connections to the best tour and safari companies in the region. Don’t expect their service to be free, but you should receive great value from their guidance and suggestions.

…But, I Don’t Like Tours!

Maybe you’re thinking about the buses loaded with people in front of the Tower of London or the Eiffel Tower in Paris. An exploration of Africa is quite different. You can choose from tours and safaris that group families together or tours that are exclusive to your family alone. Imagine a day on safari and seeing no wild animals. It happens; but not with the top safari companies. They employ the best guides who know what to show you, when to go and how to take care of your family in style. They arrange the air and ground transportation; the hotels, lodges and tented camps; safaris and game drives; and dinners under the stars. If you and your travel advisor choose the right tour operator, your experience will be enhanced ten-fold over what it would be if you tried to do it yourself.

Africa’s Best Tour Operators

We also understand that the quest for the right tour, whether it’s for seven days or a month, can be overwhelming. To help you make the best choice, Elite Family Travel has compiled a list of the Eight Best Luxury Tour Operators in Africa for Families. You can’t go wrong with any of these companies, but look for the unique elements each one has to offer.

The best tour operators use the properties listed in our guide, so be sure to study-up. Your own research should be part of the fun. Check them out online and with your travel advisor. Look at their websites for ideas, but don’t be hesitant to ask your travel advisor to create a tour especially for your family that takes into consideration your time constraints, as well as the things you most want to see and do. Everything is possible, but keep in mind that a tour that includes helicopters and private planes is going to cost more than one that uses ground transportation and commercial flights. Create the mix that is right for your family. Add in Africa’s romance, mystique and family adventures to make it your personal dream come true.

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